14th JUNE 2011 ♥

B&W Grunge Bitches.

So apparently May was not the month for me blog posting-wise. Hello, June! Let us hope June is more friendly to my ridiculous attitude towards all things life related, apart from sleep, the consumption of gourmet food and cocktails, and spending my money irresponsibly. At the moment I'm well and truly intrigued by GRUNGE GIRLS. I love the original 90s grunge style as much as many of us do, but have been noticing a modern resurgence as of late. Or maybe I've just been spending too much time looking up hot girls on google images, not sure.

You'll probably never come back here again after this, but I have a massive inappropriate underage girl crush on Taylor Momsen. When your laughter and mocking has subsided, I will tell you why......

Okay, so I don't have any real reasons why, apart from she is a hot little skanky teenager with trashy blonde hair extensions, a rock band, love of lipstick and a whole lot of attitude. Most of these facets I would usually despise when put together, but for some reason little Taylor completely does it for me. She has a sort of grunge-glam thing going down. I don't usually enjoy 'modern grunge', when people wear band T-shirts and eyeliner and end up looking emo instead - I think grunge is more about being yourself, and only those people who have that detached, "I don't give a shit what you think" attitude can really pull it off. 'Cause they just wear what they wear, they're not actually trying to be anything.

Taylor has brought eyeliner to her grungey style and pulls it off, but I also love the look of the older grunge style which was a lot more minimalist. This look was not about spending hours in front of the mirror, or even brushing your hair, whereas the 2010s grunge is more stylised. Grunge with BLONDE hair is where this is at! Thank you, Courtney Love!

ANYWAY, here are some black and white pictures of Taylor rocking her blonde glam-grunge awesomeness, as well as Mary-Kate and Ashley; followed by some past grunge influences which epitomise what I am discussing here. So much love for Emma Balfour in the 90s. (I pretend to read into all of this, but once you've looked at the following pictures, it will become apparent that I actually just have a thing for skinny girls in see through bikinis.) Let me know if you love these styles as much as I do, and whether you prefer the modern look or if you're stuck in the 90s and loving it. Get your lipstick and Bleach (either the Nirvana album, or for your hair, you choose) out and rock on.

Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Emma Balfour

Courtney Love


Kate Moss

Random Tumblr find

Emma Balfour

Emma Balfour


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