Bon Année!

Happy New Year's Eve! I cannot believe 2012 will be upon us in a mere three hours (for me, at least - I'm in Paris!). I feel so behind the times at the moment, all my friends at home in Australia welcomed in the new year hours ago, and I'm still stuck in tired old 2011! ;)

Obviously this blog has been out of action as of late - I am ten weeks into my great European adventure and haven't had the time to update.
So far, I've visited England, Scotland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Sweden, Denmark and France - each place filled with wonders, challenges, old & new friends, incredible food, exclusive fashion, ancient cities and more. The down side of this is a lot of below-average hostel accommodation, various minor injuries and extreme missing of my boyfriend, friends and home life at times. I've certainly learned a lot about myself and the direction I want for my life in 2012, which is really exciting!

At the moment I'm in Paris, where I spent a lovely Christmas, and counting down the days (eight!) until I finally see my boyfriend again (he's coming over from Australia to travel with me). In the meantime I have this beautiful city to keep me inspired - I could truly live here one day, I feel at home here and the people are so sophisticated and quintessentially European.

Here is a small selection of pictures I've taken along my travels so far, in my wintery (albeit still snow-less) wonderland:

Swans in Hyde Park, London.

Christmas market in Riga, Latvia.

Harbour in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Sightseeing in Paris.

I don't usually make a big deal over New Years at all, but this time around I'm so excited for new beginnings and possibilities. :)

Happy 2012, wherever you are!

- C x