17TH OCTOBER, 2011

Sk8r Grl.

My boy and I both had the day free for the first time in a while, so we went out for brunch and then walked around the city for a couple of hours. I've never really done an 'outfit post' before so I'm a little bit nervous about it, but here I am in my new red dress!

2011-10-15 17.00.49
Dress: Irving Baby (vintage), Belt: Clothes Line Saga, Tights: ASOS, Boots: thrifted, Necklace: gift, Bracelets: Cat Hammill. Bag: from somewhere in Melbourne!

Somewhere along the way during our wanderings, my boyfriend bought a skateboard on a whim! Apparently I am dating an 8-year-old. However, after teasing him for about half an hour, he gave me a skateboard lesson which was really quite fun! I am probably wearing the most inappropriate attire possible, apart from maybe a ballroom gown, but I didn't have any major accidents so was rather proud of myself.


- C x

14TH OCTOBER, 2011


I feel like I'm living on borrowed time. In two and a half weeks I'll be ten thousand miles away in London, doing god knows what! I haven't had time to update amidst working and organising like a crazy-lady, but here's some snapshots depicting some of my activities over the past few weeks.

Dinner and ice cream at the beach with two dear friends.

Working and acting in my friend's three day music video shoot.

Saw the lovely and talented Kimbra perform live.

Sold a lot of my unwanted pre-loved clothes at a vintage market.

Adelaide Zombie Walk 2011! I was a prom queen zombie.

Snapped one of my favourite pieces of street art in my city.

And, in unrelated fashion matters, I am really admiring this Lanvin dress right now. This white and bluestone floral print on black is so striking, simple and chic. Emma Stone's milky white skin, pink lip and minimal accessories could not be more perfect with this ensemble! I have been staring at this picture in awe for about a month on my desktop wallpaper, so thought I would share:


I have a thousand things to do and no time. Have a good weekend!

- C x