Adelaide Fashion Festival.

Shock horror, I haven't posted here in almost a month! For this heinous crime I use the excuse "I was busy finishing my degree!" Boo-yah, I am now a certified Media Artist, (if that's the qualification one obtains from a Bachelor of Media Arts...) or at least I will be when I graduate next April.

In more exciting news, in the middle of November I volunteered at the Adelaide Fashion Festival! This year, the event had expanded to nine separate events held in different areas of the city, and was a huge success according to crowds and critics. I had never done anything like this before, but as I had experience working in theatre productions, I put myself down for a back-of-house role. This meant my job was to dress models backstage, which was the raddest job in the world! Here is some pictorial evidence of me in my very fashionable AFF T-shirt:


I worked at two parades, the first being the "Norwood Parades on the Parade" (an outdoor public fashion event), and the second being the "Chambord Emerging Designers Showcase". This event was the grand finale of the festival, so anyone who's anyone in Adelaide fashion was going to be in the audience that night. My role entailed choosing a model and her designated rack of clothes, familiarising myself with the beautiful items and the best and fastest methods to put them on, taping the shoes so they don't slip on the runway, and basically sending the model out in time to avoid a big gap on the catwalk!

It was a huge challenge to keep up with the fast pace, but the atmosphere back stage was amazing. I forgot I was a mere volunteer, feeling like an awesome stylist in NYC, or something similarly glamorous. The only thing I regret was not having a million hours to just stand there and absorb the fashion in that room. Alexis George, George Gross + Harry Who, Liza Emanuele and Oscar The Third were a few of the fashion heavyweights we were graced with in the form of gowns that night, not to mention the Mary Kyri shoes (oh and Mary herself, in the form of an endlessly-legged fireball!).

My model was Hannah, she was completely beautiful, sweet and about twenty feet tall. We worked together to pull off the following gorgeous ensembles.

Emerging Designers Parade:

Designer: Hayley Kate

Designer: Sainte Lucie

Designer: Yvonne Faye
Photograph by Caughtcouture.

Designer: Julie White
Photograph by Caughtcouture.

This outfit was one of my favourites, especially the gorgeous headpiece! I will always die for anything tulle. However this was the fastest change of the night - we had literally thirty seconds before Hannah's name was being yelled by the back-of-house manager, and she still wasn't dressed! This was in rehearsal, so we practised again and made the change a bit faster - luckily it went smoothly on the night. We didn't even have time to fasten the headpiece to her hair, so it had to balance as she walked!

Established Designers Parade:

alexis george
Designer: Alexis George

This incredible gown was such a challenge to put on, it weighed a tonne and we weren't sure how to fix up the back! But it looked absolutely stunning on Hannah, purple headpiece and all. Hannah wore these white Mary Kyri shoes throughout the Established Designers parade, pretty sure they were about $5000! But despite their price tag, they were a little too small for her feet so we had to use extra strength to do up the buttons at the side, and her feet were dying by the end.

That Alexis George image was the only decent one I found of Hannah in the Established Designers parade, which is disappointing because I fell completely in love with a pair of Cameo dress shorts she wore on the night! They were gold, beaded, sequined and actually affordable, so I might have to somehow track them down.

Emerging Designer Winner:

Jaimie Sortino took out the Emerging Designer award for the night, which he was so deserving of! Jaimie is such a lovely guy, he was backstage the whole day with a needle and thread, sewing last minute touches onto his lavish tulle designs! His dresses were so beautiful in a kind of modern fairytale kind of way; they were such incredible, artfully detailed ballgowns. I also loved Jaimie's personal style, check out his shredded threads!

Photograph by Caughtcouture.

Photograph by Caughtcouture.

- C x


Dem shoes.

I was lazing around the garden waiting for my ridiculous hair to dry this morning, accompanied by my camera:


I was also wearing the excellent shoes I purchased from Betts recently, they are called "Matty", available here in taupe and black.




Mainly I love them because they are summer shoes that will actually stay on my feet, laces and everything!! Such a luxury compared to my array of stupid flip-flop-esque sandals. Anyway, I'm off to our second to last Slumway performance, and hopefully we'll rejoice with some pub action after. Do widzenia!

- C x
4TH NOVEMBER, 2010 ♥


I am in a show at university, booyah! Our music, drama, film and animation students have combined to create an adaption of Oscar Wilde's play Salome - ours is called Slumway, as it is set in post-apocalyptic slums.

As I am a film major, I have two tasks during the performance. First, I set up a live feed for one of the characters to sing through - he is filmed in night vision backstage, and appears on the stage on a television monitor. Second, I play footage on the same television that I have filmed and edited together beforehand, of actor Scott's executed head on a plate! When I get my hands on the digital copy of my footage I will post it, however here is a sneak peek of me editing the head.


It was quite gruesome - my dear boyfriend helped out, we used chocolate syrup mixed with red food colouring to create the blood, and used various makeup tools so make him nice and pallid. Then we used a handsaw to cut a hole in a cheap plastic platter, and put it around his neck. We filmed against a black backdrop, and I added 'bad television' effects after wards for a nice creepy, flickery outcome.


Anyway, these are just tiny aspects of the overall performance - my extremely talented group of friends otherwise wrote the script, composed the music, formed the band, designed costumes, choreographed the actors etc etc. After so many months of work and extreme confusion, it's good fun to finally be involved with the performances. It kind of makes me want to be involved in live performance in the future, I've missed the excitement and adrenaline that comes with it. There are two performances to go, so if anyone from Adelaide is reading this and you're interested, come along to the Hartley Playhouse at UniSA Magill, 8pm Friday 5th and Saturday 6th November. (to book you'll need to email slumway@gmail.com - $10 concession and $15 adults.)


- C x

Kickin' it old school.

My mother had a keen (read: intensely fanatical) obsession with photographing her children during the good old 1990's when we were too innocent to know better. Most of the time they were the usual snaps of us with cute kiddy smiles, making a dirt pie or sampling a snail - but in every couple of photo sleeves one will come across a beautiful moment she was able to capture. I particularly appreciate those taken with my Dad's film camera, as the focus is always so sharp. Anyway, here's three from the mix that I think stand out and will keep forever (maybe even worth the time she made us pose as farm children in front of a hay bale and chickens!):

This on is my absolute favourite, I love our coincidentally matching red + navy outfits, my completely on-trend shorts + gumboots combo, and most of all the autumn leaves and beautiful sense of depth the background gives!

These are my two amazing little sisters - now many years older of course, but captured in time here with additions including mouse attire and face paint! This reminds me of something in an indie magazine, a little bit Where The Wild Things Are esque, perhaps?


Here is our club of friends on Hindmarsh Island (about an hour South of Adelaide) after some horse riding. My youngest sister (the smallest and most worried one in this picture) was lifted up to this rail just for this photo and collected three seconds later, as she was barely able to hold on!

My, how the good times(films) rolled.

- C x
13TH OCTOBER, 2010 ♥

Crystal Castles

...is the name of an experimental electronic band from Toronto, who have presented us with this synthy, drugged out, electro trip they like to call Baptism. However, my appreciation for the name of the band itself reigns over that for their music; CRYSTAL CASTLES?! It's brilliant. My inclination to visualise the things I hear has never been put to better use, as I see shiny crystalline castles in my head whenever this band is on the radio. Now, for a seamless transition into fashion; remember I mentioned the word 'crystal'!

I am not one to even subconsciously take all my sartorial inspiration directly from the set of Gossip Girl, but I am a die-hard fan of this show, predominantly for styling purposes! Occasionally their choices are predictable or too overtly niche, but sometimes they hit the nail on the head and knock me out. When I regain consciousness, I click my way over to Gossip Girl Fashion, and if I don't hit the jackpot there, I sigh and commence my own research.

Blake Lively, as the gorgeously erratic Serena, was seen wearing this beautiful gold and amethyst necklace in last week's episode. AMETHYST. I cannot find any more words to describe this, and sadly my bad quality screen capture does not quite do it justice:


So I have traced it's origins to Danni Jo, two sisters from New York who are one of the many luxe/eclectic/boho/glam jewellery designers to rocket to fame due to recent accessory trends (and of course a few appearances on GG can never hurt).

This is Serena's 'Raya' necklace, $695.00 (USD):


After perusing their website, I also fell in love with these crystal 'Lucia Mar' statement cocktail rings, available in peach and blue, $575.00 (USD):


Upon gracing my eyes with these crystal creations, I'm definitely going to be keeping my eye out for some more subtly priced similar adornments!

- C x

9TH OCTOBER, 2010 ♥

We all shine on.

"I believe in everything until it's disproved. So I believe in fairies, the myths, dragons. It all exists, even if it's in your mind. Who's to say that dreams and nightmares aren't as real as the here and now?" - John Lennon

As everyone would know thanks to Google's lovely animation, today is John Lennon's 70th birthday! I am yet to address my love and devotion (bordering on stalkerish obsession) toward all things Beatles, so here's a good time to start! Their music has meant so much to me for quite a few years now, and will always be something I consider to be a big part of my life. I'm not a crazy collector or anything, it's more about their philosophies, world impact and musical legacy for me.

Whilst I'm being a dramatic fangirl here, I'll claim that their lyrics and personal quotes have changed the way I see life on numerous occasions. Although not my 'favourite Beatle', John was a big part of this musical education, so it's nice to take a minute to thank him for the beautiful imprints he left on this world, and hope he is resting peacefully on his birthday.

Here are some of my favourite pictures associated with John, as well as some of his own art:










Happy Birthday John!

- C x
4TH OCTOBER 2010 ♥

The pretty season.

Spring weather is here! I'm announcing it. I don't care. It might be a jinx but I'm also too excited. Not for hayfever and sneezes, but for the ocoming promise of what comes after these teasing warm breezes and forests of flora - SUMMER! I get so excited about summer every year, only to immediately eat my words in the middle of a 47°C day, but for now let me have my fun. Winter has been too long and too dreary, so I am well and truly looking forward to endless days of watermelon, salt hair, music festivals, bright dresses, picnics and everything that comes with a whole lot of sun. For now, here are some snaps of what spring looks like from my back steps - I took these in my garden over the last couple of days. Flowers, fuck yeah!









And a kiss from my darling dog Hollie!

- C x

Green dream.

I am undeniably in NEED of this convertible vintage Norma Kamali suspender dress in a brilliant green - a complete one-of-a-kind gem, available from the fantastic Claire Incorruptible at the moment. Currently battling internally over whether $295 is too much for me to be spending on a dress right now. I'm pretty sure it is, but I'm in such awe of this thing - and it's so me; full skirt, pockets and all:





All images belong to Claire Incorruptible, and are viewable here.

For anyone new to Claire Inc, the website run by Belinda from Adelaide is making it's name around the world for their incredible ability to source such unavailable vintage products. Specialising in 80s and 90s, Claire Inc is always a go-to place for me for inspiration. I'm yet to make a purchase so this might be the one, fingers crossed my budget conscience gives in soon! Please do visit her beautifully made website, and join her facebook page for regular updates on new items:

Claire Inc on Facebook

- C x

Lippy Love.

Eeekk! Sorry to anyone who came here for new posts in the past few days, I've had a very busy week with work and uni! I am finding it challenging to keep up with this whole blog writing thing, *accio inspiration*! I'd rather not post one picture of whatever and say "this is cool", I'd like my posts to be more insightful than that.
However. NARS Cosmetics has posted something on their Facebook page that I took great interest in: Their AMAZING lip (and eye) shades in this shoot! These images were recently featured in Vogue Nippon, I found the colour pallets intriguingly innovative.






Makeup artist: Lena Koro
Photographer + stylist: Françoise Nars

Fashion credits here go to the gorgeous Miu Miu - their bow collars, flowers and classic cuts complement the makeup so well here. YELLOW lips, I mean who could ever pull that off?! I believe the reason these vibrant yellows and purples work so well here is thanks to our good friend the colour wheel:


For anyone who never realised, opposite (and therefore contrasting) colours used together make each other POP while still looking stylised rather than random. If you are ever wondering what colour on earth you are going to do your eyes to match that bright orange dress, the answer is blue! I know it can sound weird, but contrasting colours make perfect sense to the human eye. This is basic knowledge for most, but just something to keep in mind incase you weren't listening in art class that time. :)

Adding both navy and pale orange to the combination of contrasting yellow and purple here was a stroke of genius by creative director of NARS, Françoise Nars, who styled and photographed this editorial for Vogue. What a guy.

- C x

Say Holga!

I have obtained one of these from the glorious internet, in a delightful shade of sky blue!

holga 120 GCFN_blue
BlockquoteIt is a Holga - a medium format toy camera that can produce unpredictable vintagey effects, you never know what you're going to get. It takes 120 film and has a plastic lens for a softer look. My version also has a flash and a blue/yellow/red/white diffuser. I'm excited to have a play and welcome le printemps with some flashes of colour!

- C x