Say Holga!

I have obtained one of these from the glorious internet, in a delightful shade of sky blue!

holga 120 GCFN_blue
BlockquoteIt is a Holga - a medium format toy camera that can produce unpredictable vintagey effects, you never know what you're going to get. It takes 120 film and has a plastic lens for a softer look. My version also has a flash and a blue/yellow/red/white diffuser. I'm excited to have a play and welcome le printemps with some flashes of colour!

- C x


  1. love the uncertainty of this! not knowing what the photos will turn out like. always have wanted a holga. post some pretty pictures! love LIZ xx

  2. thanks, cats are the cutest animals to photograph (:

    oh wow. nice color.
    i always wanted a holga, but the films are very expensive aren't they?
    a friend of mine has one and he rarely takes pictures with it, because of the price.

  3. congrats on your new holga! i just got a yellow one in 35mm format and i just adore it- you're going to love yours so much :)

  4. Congrats! I've never seen one like it but it looks so cute! Like those cameras you see in weheartit and all :D Do post some pictures you take with it! Lol and thanks so much for dropping by! Definitely following you to see more too! ((:



  5. a blue holga, how sweet. i've the old black one, works pretty good.

  6. I love that camera!!

    thanks for sharing!


  7. Thanks for all your lovely comments! I've put the film in my holga all ready to go, going to take some pretty spring pictures I think! :)
    - C xox

  8. Lomography!!! :) You're the first person on Blogger that I've found who likes it! I've been wanting to delve into it and I already have my camera of choice yet I haven't found the time to sit and ponder on whether or not I'll invest well in the hobby.

    It's such an art that I don't want it to go to waste. Lovely! :) The Meg Diana package is dreamy!

  9. woah i really want one of these now thanks alot!
    i am an adelaide blogger :) please have a look at my blog and tell me what you think and maybe even follow.


    ive just started following you. hopefully see you around.


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