Mad Men & Lovely Ladies.

Salutations! Total blog-neglecting again I know, I've been working so much in the lead up to my trip and also been busy partying and making videos and shiz.

One party I attended was my lovely friend Elise's 21st - the night was Mad Men themed! I was so excited to dress up all 1960s secretary style for this, and it ended up being a super fun and glamorous evening. Everyone looked so positively appealing that I wanted to buy them! Or some other completely stupid advertising related reference.

My friend Chelsea who is a talented photographer and dress maker (view her photography page, Tangerine Photography here) actually made a dress based on a design from Mad Men, which I was able to borrow for the evening. I had so much fun wearing it, I still can't believe she made it herself! It was so beautiful sewn, and made of such lovely thick floral fabric. Even though I am about 60 cup-sizes too small to be Christina Hendricks, I certainly felt just as stylish wearing Chelsea's creation! I also used about half a bottle of hair spray putting my hair up in a quiff (I used this youtube tutorial), and teamed my outfit with white vintage heels, my gold rope necklace and earrings, and my navy Rochas handbag.

Here are a few pictures and descriptions of Elise's mighty grand celebratory affair:


Me with my boyfriend (me borrowing Elise's fab cats-eye glasses!) - he wore his new grey suit jacket with black trimming, a black skinny tie, dress pants and glasses, and he quiffed his hair too!

With Elise, the beautiful birthday girl! She found her dress at Red Ruby Vintage, it was gorgeous black and white polka dots with vintage lace! She was a truly marvelous host :)

With Annie and her amazing polka dot dress she obtained from Hot Couture.

A dapper advertising executive, Mr George, and three of his ditzy office ladies!

Elise's amazing decorations! She had covered the walls with old records and hilarious 60s advertisements, I believe this was one of them:


- C x


  1. So fun! Elise looks like Joan! That poster is funny! Oh, the past.

  2. I love your dress, and those cat eye glasses look absolutely wonderful on you!



  3. haha, thank you:))) it's from second hand, unlabeled:)))
    +++ you look superstunning, wow<3

  4. You all look gorgeous! What a wonderful choice for the theme. The dresses are all lovely and I love that the boys made an effort too!

  5. Your dress is very cute! It is such a great idea for a party theme.


  6. Lovely dress!
    Thanks for your comment.


  7. you and your bf both look amazing! I really can't believe your dress was hand sewn/made as well; because the fit is perfect on you. Such a good theme for a party too...

    annie |WEMAKEPLANS

  8. I'm a bit ashamed to admit I still haven't watched Mad Men yet - but the party looks like it was a hit. Loving the dress your friend made, the floral is gorgeous!

  9. Thank you everyone, such lovely comments! Hope you've all been having a wonderful October. :)
    - C x

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