4TH NOVEMBER, 2010 ♥


I am in a show at university, booyah! Our music, drama, film and animation students have combined to create an adaption of Oscar Wilde's play Salome - ours is called Slumway, as it is set in post-apocalyptic slums.

As I am a film major, I have two tasks during the performance. First, I set up a live feed for one of the characters to sing through - he is filmed in night vision backstage, and appears on the stage on a television monitor. Second, I play footage on the same television that I have filmed and edited together beforehand, of actor Scott's executed head on a plate! When I get my hands on the digital copy of my footage I will post it, however here is a sneak peek of me editing the head.


It was quite gruesome - my dear boyfriend helped out, we used chocolate syrup mixed with red food colouring to create the blood, and used various makeup tools so make him nice and pallid. Then we used a handsaw to cut a hole in a cheap plastic platter, and put it around his neck. We filmed against a black backdrop, and I added 'bad television' effects after wards for a nice creepy, flickery outcome.


Anyway, these are just tiny aspects of the overall performance - my extremely talented group of friends otherwise wrote the script, composed the music, formed the band, designed costumes, choreographed the actors etc etc. After so many months of work and extreme confusion, it's good fun to finally be involved with the performances. It kind of makes me want to be involved in live performance in the future, I've missed the excitement and adrenaline that comes with it. There are two performances to go, so if anyone from Adelaide is reading this and you're interested, come along to the Hartley Playhouse at UniSA Magill, 8pm Friday 5th and Saturday 6th November. (to book you'll need to email slumway@gmail.com - $10 concession and $15 adults.)


- C x


  1. Congratulations! :) That severed head looks so believable! :O

  2. That sounds/looks like so much fun!

    Best of luck for your two shows and well done! :)


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