Kickin' it old school.

My mother had a keen (read: intensely fanatical) obsession with photographing her children during the good old 1990's when we were too innocent to know better. Most of the time they were the usual snaps of us with cute kiddy smiles, making a dirt pie or sampling a snail - but in every couple of photo sleeves one will come across a beautiful moment she was able to capture. I particularly appreciate those taken with my Dad's film camera, as the focus is always so sharp. Anyway, here's three from the mix that I think stand out and will keep forever (maybe even worth the time she made us pose as farm children in front of a hay bale and chickens!):

This on is my absolute favourite, I love our coincidentally matching red + navy outfits, my completely on-trend shorts + gumboots combo, and most of all the autumn leaves and beautiful sense of depth the background gives!

These are my two amazing little sisters - now many years older of course, but captured in time here with additions including mouse attire and face paint! This reminds me of something in an indie magazine, a little bit Where The Wild Things Are esque, perhaps?


Here is our club of friends on Hindmarsh Island (about an hour South of Adelaide) after some horse riding. My youngest sister (the smallest and most worried one in this picture) was lifted up to this rail just for this photo and collected three seconds later, as she was barely able to hold on!

My, how the good times(films) rolled.

- C x


  1. Oh!
    Really cute! I loved the pictures!
    The first is amazing!
    Good times, yeah?


  2. The pictures are lovely! I am always taking photos of my little one, too - I now have thousands (and he's only four) but I love looking through them!

  3. AWW! These photos bring me back to my childhood. The one with the two little girls made me a tad misty. It's so sweet!

  4. those are so nice, its always great to remember the good old days ^^
    thanks for stopping by its always a pleasure :)

  5. you are right, they are beautiful photos. Simple, but just so special! :)


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