21ST APRIL, 2011 ♥

Oot and Aboot.

I am suddenly Scottish. Apart from that, I went shopping the other day with my dear boyfriend. Just a casual stroll around Rundle St, cappucinos in hand, and some minimal (yet special) purchases. I never thought I'd say this, but sometimes the best kind of shopping is when you don't come away with many items at all - you haven't broken the bank, you've had a great day with a nice person, been INSPIRED, and love the two small things you did take home. However everyone knows the worst kind of shopping is when you come away with nothing; so obviously some kind of balance must be achieved here! Ah, the tribulations of the sartorial slave.

Caffeinating at Cibo.


Wandering the sunny streets.


The khaki ASOS skirt I'm wearing is particularly favourable and cannot be seen here, so this is what the whole thing looks like! I call it my 'mermaid skirt', and have been known to only slightly struggle with the action of walking while wearing it. Who needs walking anyway.



Treasure #1: Vintage short-sleeved jumper from Clubhouse Lane Boutique on Frome Rd. I love this little jumper, it has to be my favourite purchase of Autumn so far!


Very cute floral embroidery. Loving the red against the navy.


Treasure #2: Vintage tan waist belt from Clothes Line Saga, a cute little basement shop on Rundle St. I'd been looking for a waist belt like this forever - definitely going to love it to pieces this winter.


Both Clubhouse Lane Boutique and Clothes Line Saga are choc full of hand-picked vintage and new clothes, shoes and accessories for men and women, and the staff are nothing short of lovely! Do visit if you're in Adelaide, and make sure you 'like' their Facebook pages for updates on stock.

Have a great Easter weekend. I'm doing something just a little bit exciting, involving elaborate costumes, tea, cupcakes, feather pillows and a film crew :P


- C x


  1. beautiful photos, that skirt is beautiful, i saw that on asos myself :)


  2. Hi!!
    I am just in love with your blog!!
    I am already a follower, could you follow me too??
    And follow the twitter too, if you don't mind: @blogspm
    Alice Dias


  3. Love your outfit!! You are very pretty!

    I'm a new follower!

  4. Beautiful outfit!!!!I love your skirt!!!Kiss

  5. hi darling.
    sweet post. thanks for sharing these photos, you look lovely.
    right off to see more of your blog now

  6. Found your blog from caughtcouture,
    Your posts are incredibly inspiring & it's great to see so much of Adelaide in the spotlight for all it's cultural & sartorial attractions!
    From another blogger, a tafe sa fashion grad, stylist, illustrator and huge fan, also in Adel. :)
    Don't stop blogging :)


  7. I completely agree re: the shopping thing. If I return home with a gazillion bags I feel guilty! You look gorgeous! Adore your hair colour. X

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