16TH AUGUST 2010

"Personally, I always preferred Liptons."

A few weeks ago, my scriptwriting tutor showed us this film version of a play by Irish playwright Samuel Beckett, simply entitled "Play". I stumbled across it in my notes again today and thought I'd share. Alan Rickman (aka The Voice), Emma Thompson and Kristen Scott-Thomas play three characters involved in a relationship and an affair. We watch as they spit out their words so fast you have to get used to their speed before you realise what they're actually talking about!

Although the overall play is unique with interesting dialogue, it was the make up that enthralled me most. All three faces have been decorated in different areas with crusted materials, and painted entirely in grey-ish blue tones with silver hair and lips. The crusty elements on the skin make the characters appear quite gruesome and crustacean-like. The make up is enhanced by the creative smoky set design, and the close camera angles highlight the cross hatches of wrinkles through the dried paint underneath their bright eyes. Enjoy! Part 2 is below if you want more (worth the click for Alan Rickman's voice!)


  1. You have a lovely blog.xx


  2. thanks for visiting! I checked out yours too :) xo

  3. I couldn't catch a single word but dang it looks really cool haha! Can't imagine how they can speak that fast! :D



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