15TH AUGUST 2010 ♥

Velly velvet.

There's something magical about that moment when you type a word of your present liking into ebay, and something beautiful of that nature costing $1.20 is ending in fifteen minutes. Today, that word was 'velvet'!

I bought the following two identical vintage Miss Shop maxi dresses, a day after proclaiming 'maxi dresses are dead!' to my sister. Both velvet, one in black and one in raspberry! Ended up being about $10 each. Ebay, I will never cease to worship you!

velvet maxis

These will be a challenge to figure out how to style - I am thinking maybe black or nude heels, but don't know whether a blazer, bolero or long jacket would be best. I've been looking for something velvet yet not too fortune-teller-chic for ages, can't wait to receive these babies! I'll be sure to post pictures when I get them. :)

- C x


  1. heehee I went through a velvet phase about three months ago and ended up with two 80s velvet minis (one black, one green floral print) from etsy, then another from the markets (dark blue) and I have a feeling I have a fourth one too but have a mental blank right now.

  2. haha ooh green floral print velvet, that sounds amazing! Etsy is so good. I will probably end up making both or one of these into a mini if possible I think! You're right, velvet probably is a very 'phase' thing haha, I saw a spread in the last Vogue and couldn't help myself :P x

  3. Ooooh another Adelaide blogger! I'm going to have to try random keyword ebay shopping because I'm incredibly jealous of that red velvet dress. Bonus points if you can style that as a casual summer look. ;P

    Adding you to the blogroll!

    K xx

  4. haha yes definitely try it! I don't know about summer but I'll try my best - velvet + beach are probably not the best match!
    Thanks for your comment, I added you to mine too! :) x

  5. Hey just came across your blog!
    Love the fact that you admit that your not who you say you are!
    If you like costumes you should check out my latest on Gaga for Hello Kitty, I think you'll be interested...

    I'll be back!


  6. Haha, well I just used Cecilia in my title cause it's a pretty name and a great song - not going to claim it as my own though!
    I love costumes, so I'll definitely check out your posts! Thanks for reading! :) x

  7. thanks...you just made me re-activate my eBay account and search "velvet" hahah an addiction i suffered with for weeks grrr (three weeks being very detrimental to the bank account).

    love your writings, will be following too :) xo


  8. wow, fun! i am lovingggg velvet right now, which is really not me! i want a cute little skirt or a burnout velvet t or tank. let me know if you find any of those in your ebay adventures ;)
    for those the black would look so cute and fresh with some platforms and a denim jacket! or maybe a bit of sequins for an event. the red is harder. that seems more of a stand alone piece, paired with a longer outerwear coat when its colder!

    so glad you stopped by :)


  9. oh, a denim jacket, I hadn't thought of that! Could be quite 90's, but then again I love 90's fashion. Thanks so much for your lovely comment!

    And leopardloving, I am glad you re-activated your ebay because of me haha, ebay is a wonderful place! :) x


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