19TH AUGUST 2010 ♥

Pink hair > pre-essay blues!

I have a mammoth essay due tomorrow which I haven't started, oops, but why start now when I have better things to do? I thought I would tell you about the time I opened an issue of Vogue Australia to see the beautiful face of my favourite model Abbey Lee Kershaw, looking like this:


This was in about March 2010 - a gorgeous surfy time for fashion, and I fell in love. Some bleach mix and this "Raspberry Beret" Fudge Box dye later, the ends of my hair looked something similar:



I loved the effect, it added a splash of bright colour to any dark outfit and looked better and better as it gradually washed out. I would have repeated the process, but to my dismay a month or so later I saw a window full of Sportsgirl mannequins sporting the same trend which I felt was too much! Maybe again this summer, to make my days at the beach a little bit pretty in pink. :)

- C x


  1. Oh cool - I like the effect :)


  2. dude. that is effin amazing. lol. haha i've always had this thing of dying my tips purple, but my mom won't until i'm out of the house, which means 1 more year. lol. :)

    check mine?: http://www.listenthenspeak.blogspot.com

  3. thanks! haha well keep it in mind until you move out cause it's not as big a step as dying all your hair!
    thanks for all your comments!

  4. Wow this looks so great for a home job. How long did it last? Is it permanent? And finally, where can you buy the paint box stuff from?

  5. Thanks! Not permanent, it lasted about a month and a half, in varying shades as it washed out. I bought the paint box stuff from Priceline, it was about $15. Good deal too, as I have plenty left for next time. :)

  6. Wow, this is weird huh? Amazing though, mine only lasted about two washes, so will have to try this stuff next time instead. I want purple and pink next time so we shall see!


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