16TH AUGUST, 2011

Tea, please!

Tea drinkers: is your daily, supermarket-bought English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Oolong or Green tea not enough to satisfy your tea-loving tastebuds? Are they becoming repetitive and flavourless? (I should probably join a tea advertising agency :P.) But even if you still love your usual cuppa, once you step into gourmet tea house T2, suddenly everything they stock will move from 'luxury' to 'essential' for your kitchen cupboard!

(image from T2tea.com)

This amazing boutique tea store has just opened in my hometown of Adelaide, in our trendy East end shopping district of Rundle St. According to their website, T2 "provide a tantalizing, sensory retail experience unlike any other, where you are encouraged to taste our teas, browse for tea wares and learn about the delicate art of brewing developed over many centuries." My boyfriend and I first paid a visit the other day and were so overwhelmed by the atmosphere, flavours, colours and helpful staff that we spend almost $90 on tea and tea accessories!

There are about 180 varieties of gourmet tea to choose from, available in just about every flavour you can imagine. Customers can taste hot tea in the store, smell sample pots of different flavours while viewing the ingredients, and the staff are happy to help out with flavor recommendations, gift wrapping and information about the tea flavours and origins. T2 also offer a range of beautiful china sets, tea pots, canisters, other tea accessories and storage methods. I used to visit the Melbourne store to bring back presents for friends, but now I urge all my fellow Adelaideans to pay our very own Rundle St store a visit; prepare to spend more time and money inside than you first think! Overseas tea lovers can order tea here from the lovely T2 website. The store is set up so creatively that I couldn't help taking the following pictures, sorry about the somewhat shitty phone-camera quality.











My boyfriend bought me a box of 'Citrus Punch' tea as a present, and we boiled a pot for his brand new T2 glass tea pot, omnomnom tea!


- C x


  1. I am much more of a tea person than a coffee person. I received lots of T2 goodies as presents from friends for my last birthday and love all of them!

    I am now following your blog :)


  2. Wow that looks absolutely amazing! Suddenly my tea bags aren't going to cut it any longer!

  3. I LOOOOVE TEA! Haha :) I visit David's Tea in Canada to get my fix, definitely will have to see if I can track down any T2!

  4. I love tea and these pictures seriously make me wish I had some. Great photos!

    xx Dagmara

  5. Mmmm tea. I couldn't live without it. I still love my english brek or earl grey but occasionally treat myself to T2.

    Also I wanted to thank you for your kind comments on my blog, they've been a genuine pleasure to read!


  6. Thank you so much for all your beautiful comments!! I'm glad we all agree that tea is the most wonderful drink in all of existence :P
    - C x

  7. those photos certainly make me want to drink some tea! :P such a lovely post :)


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