1ST AUGUST, 2011


I used to make a habit of frequenting vintage markets and sales more often, but haven't had time as of late - however I was Facebook-invited to a 'Vintagesque' sale at Radio Adelaide the other day; I had the morning free and cash in my wallet so wasn't going to say no!

The area was quite small but I arrived early so there were still goodies abound; here are the items I decided to take home:

Rosey pink jumper - $7

Sleeveless baby pink jumper - $10
(n.b. I've never bought so much pink in the same transaction in my life...)

Gold rope necklace - $8
I'd been looking for one of these for ages - big love for gold vintage jewelery! This one is quite heavy and not plasticky at all.

Earrings - $3

Later that day, I made these (because there wasn't enough pink in my day already! I must have had a brain-splosion.)


Coconut & lime cupcakes - you might first perceive this as an interesting flavour combination, but they were surprisingly delicious - tangy with a coconut crunch! Omnomnomom.

- C x


  1. Wow, amazing deals! I love the pink sweater xx

  2. I really need to get into vintage shopping - and YUM, coconut and lime is a great combo!

  3. I looking for some vintage items too =)

    Thanks a lot for your comment! You're welcome! =)

  4. Great finds! I've been looking for a gold rope necklace or bracelet for aaaaages you lucky thing!

  5. Thanks all for your comments! Nicci, I was so happy with the gold necklace too, I've been wearing it almost every day! You'll find one soon I'm sure :)
    - C x


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