6TH AUGUST, 2011

Please, Mr Postman!

I am not-so-patiently awaiting a number of online orders, so thought I would post about them to calm my anxiousness. Okay, slightly ridiculous, but everyone knows getting a package in the mail, all ready to open and gush over is better than Christmas. Or maybe equal to Christmas. With less food and alcohol. Hmm, maybe a little bit less as good as Christmas. Wow, I bet you're all glad you're still reading this post!

#1 ASOS flat lace-ups.

I very, very rarely only order one item when ordering from ASOS - think more along the lines of eleven or twelve items - however my sister received a package from them containing only two pairs of tights, and I discovered the amazing concept of only ordering one or two things. Far more ethical, as I feel bad enough about buying too much "fast fashion" anyway. Slightly hard to resist with international free shipping though. The item I am waiting for is this pair of "Marigold floral lace up flat shoes", £15:


Super cute and hopefully comfy! I always look for flats like these, but end up opting for sparkly heels or other questionable choices instead, so I hope these are a good decision! They're still available at this link if anyone is interested.

#2 MAC eyeliner.

A friend recommended this kohl eyeliner to me, saying it was amazing and worth the price (I think it's normally around $33). It is supposed to glide onto your waterline effortlessly, and actually stay on, unlike the cheap cosmetics my bank account usually resigns me to. Anyway, I found it for $11 or something on eBay, which I am quite happy about. There are so many colours, so if I like the black I will most definitely be sampling some more!

MAC eye kohl in 'smoulder'.

#3 Clarks Original desert boots.

Now, these I am excited about! I have been trying to source a nice desert boot all winter - I sell children's shoes at my work and have wanted a pair ever since I saw them in miniature sizing! A couple of mainstream shops have been selling them this winter, but nothing in my price range, and everything affordable tends to always be made of crappy synthetic blah blah yuck. Now we're in the last month of winter, so as a last resort, I did an ebay search - and BAM, Clarks original sand suede (real leather) desert boots in size 8.5, in my country of residence! Second hand but excellent condition. I watched them like a hawk for the next three days, and am happy to announce they are heading my way for a mere $30 (incl. postage)! Excited about pairing them with tights, dresses, coats and such.


My next Clarks desert boot mission involves these:


#4 Samantha Wills "Bohemian Bardot" ring, in jade.

I don't think I have mentioned this yet.... but I'm a Samantha Wills addict. I can't get enough of her amazing bohemian goddess, luxe, glam, burnished, antique, gemstone containing collections. If are yet to be introduced, please do yourself a favour and view her website here. I think I have about eight of her pieces now, taking pride of place on my counter in their carved wooden Samantha Wills boxes. I already have the Bohemian Bardot ring in peach, but it's such a timeless style that I thought I would add another colour to my collection. These rings are about 5cm in length and 3.5 in width, so they make nice statement pieces. I maaaaaay have obtained this one from a source other than Samantha's website or an authorised retail store... but it's not in stock there anymore and I really needed it! Yes, needed! (Plus I saved about $50...)

samantha jade

The unfortunate thing about living all the way down under is that online purchases sometimes take a long time to arrive. So, Mr Postie, if you could please hurry up just a little... I'll bake you cupcakes!

- C x


  1. Oh I know the feeling re #1! It's so tempting to just say, hell what's another one or two items when you're already placing an order.


  2. Oh man, those Clark's boots <3 I die!

    Also, I agree with your pain, I HATE waiting for packages, it's the most painful thing ever :( Hopefully you don't wait too long!

  3. Thanks for your comments lovelies! Tash, that is always my downfall - those extra "add on" items tend to be the ones that are never worn too!
    Jess, I didn't wait too long, I've received my eyeliner and suede boots so far, very happy with both! :D
    - C xx


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