28TH AUGUST, 2011

In these shoes?
I don't think so.

So, it is Sunday night and I am curled up in bed sick, after a weekend of drinking far too much and eating not enough, which doubtfully aided my recovery at all. How stupid.

To remedy this: Net-A-Porter browsing! (And pretending I have a wallet that is sufficiently equipped to fulfill this practice!) Anyone who chooses to wear these amazing YSL 'Opyum' suede pointed pumps with patent leather toe would have to be quite the very opposite of stupid:


I love the high quality of Net-A-Porter images; the fuzzy suede on these shoes makes me want to touch them, whilst smiling in a contented manner. I don't know about the rest of you, but I feel as though the concept of "colour-blocking" is announced as a 'key trend' about four thousand times a season by designers, fashion writers, buyers, brands, stores and just about everyone else in the fashion universe. I feel as though it must be ones of these things: "Well, our first idea turned out to be a disaster, what should we fall back on this season?? OH OH I KNOW, WE'LL DO COLOUR-BLOCKING AGAIN!"
Hopefully my point is made. I think the only way colour-blocking really looks good is when the entire outfit EXCEPT the bright coloured item is black/white/grey/neutral. Then the colour has it's chance to be the centerpiece of the outfit, instead of clashing with a bunch of other colours or looking like a Piet Mondrian painting. Therefore, the way Net-A-Porter styled these pumps made me love them even more:


- C x


  1. I agree. If I had these I would wear them with a black pant, white tea shirt and a wooden bangle!

  2. This post is genius. I laughed out loud at the colour-blocking as a fallback bit, Haha! Needless to say, I totally agree :p

    TE AMO,

  3. I personally think the whole concept of colour-blocking as a 'trend' to be a bit ridiculous. Seriously, is wearing two or more DIFFERENT colours THAT ingenious?! I don't see much sense in all the stores stocking brightly coloured clothes so that everyone is now rocking the same look, as if "wearing bright colours" is the hottest thing right now. Each to their own I suppose :S

    I love your blog btw, mostly because your personality and honesty comes through- and that's kind of rare. Keep up the great work, i'm following :)
    annie | WEMAKEPLANS

  4. Haha, thanks for the amazing comments, I've replied on your blogs :)
    Glad you all agree with my thoughts on the mental "trend" of colour blocking!!
    @The Line Sheet - I love your choice of outfit for those shoes, sounds better than the Net-A-Porter styling I think! :)
    Hearts! ♥


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